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These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For 2023 Are Super Creative

With the crisp fall air comes classes and midterm exams, fun football games, and many activities that push figuring out your Halloween costume to the bottom of your to do list. I definitely know the struggle of taking too long to decide what costume to wear for Halloween, and then frantically running to the nearest costume store before Halloween sneaks up on me. In the week or two before Halloween, many stores are sold out of certain costumes or sizes, and some online retailers can’t ship in time. Finding a last-minute Halloween costume can really be a drag.

Around Halloween, my TikTok FYP is filled with cute and creative costumes that either take way too long to put together or have pieces involved that are way out of budget. Having so many costumes to choose from can be great…. until it’s not. Below is a list of seven easy, last-minute Halloween costumes that are still fun and creative for you to wear this year.

Devil Wears Prada

Let’s start off our list with a less heard-of costume. Everyone knows the classic devil costume, and I am almost positive one of your friends has a pair of red horns laying around somewhere. With this costume, you get to use those devil accessories in a new way by pairing them with a white tank and using iron on letters to spell out Prada. Then all you need to do is accessorize how you see fit! Maybe pair with a black mini skirt and some stylish sunnies for the night.


With the live-action Little Mermaid taking the world by storm in 2023, this classic costume has taken on new life. To start, grab any flowy skirt, or pants that show off some sparkle and look like they would flow in the ocean. The top half of your look can be as simple as a sparkly top to match your bottoms or a shell bra top just like Ariel’s. For accessories, finish this look with some clip-in shells or some colorful extensions.

Princess Diaries

This viral costume is a fan favorite on TikTok, and so simple to recreate. To pull this costume off, all you need is a white dress (there are so many to choose from online or in person), a tiara, white gloves, some ‘90s headphones, and your fave black sunglasses.

’80s Retro Barbie

This year, there will be a sea of Barbie costumes to choose from, but one of the easier costumes to recreate is ‘80s Retro Barbie. To join in on the fun, all you need is pink biker shorts, an ‘80s inspired one-piece, and a fun visor. If you really wanna make the costume your own, add legwarmers and some roller skates!

Wednesday Addams

Another show that has a ton of costume choices to choose from is Wednesday. One of my favorites from the Netflix show is the classic Wednesday Addams look.  All you need is a simple black dress with a white collar underneath, and two braids in your hair!

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

An opportunity to reuse your Eras Tour look? Say less. This is a costume that is so easy to personalize. For starters, you can wear your favorite sparkly Eras-inspired outfit with some friendship bracelets and go as a fan. You could also choose your favorite era and dress as Taylor from that era!

Hershey Kiss

Finally, a timeless costume that lets you use the ever so popular ribbon trend. Dress up in all silver — either a dress or a top and a skirt, your choice. Then add a white ribbon to your hair — put the Hershey logo on it using iron-on letters.

Kaitlyn Bonk is a Style writer for the Her Campus National Writer program. Previously, she was the social media director for the University of Delaware chapter of Her Campus. Beyond Her Campus, Kaitlyn works at a corporate communications job in Philadelphia. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys reading, going to concerts, and watching movies to reach her goal of becoming a Letterboxd influencer. She's an avid binge watcher of shows she's already seen and can be found strolling the beautiful streets of Philly, especially on game days.