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As the leaves turn to shades of amber, fall sets the stage for a season of romantic first dates. And as the air takes on a crisp chill, it might be a little daunting to pick just the right outfit for cuffing season. You need that perfect combination of comfy and sexy for a first date, but you might not know what that could be. Well, here comes the “Eff Me” sweater to save the day.

If you’re confused about what an “Eff Me” sweater is, I’ll start by telling you who originated the trend: Eli Rallo. Rallo isn’t just the face of the “Eff Me” sweater movement but is also a 24-year-old New York City-based TikTok influencer. The term “Eff Me” sweater is an innuendo for, you guessed it, “f*ck me,” and is Rallo’s secret weapon when it comes to appearing more attractive to your crush. Back in 2022, she popularized the sweater on TikTok with her followers clamoring to know more about it.

“It is a sweater that you buy and you put on and you’re just like, ‘This is made for my body, I look amazing in it,'” Rallo explained in a TikTok. “And the concept is that you’re going to wear this ‘Eff Me’ sweater on a first date, or when you’re seeing your crush, or you want someone to fall in love with you.”

According to Rallo, the “Eff Me” sweater is the perfect item to wear when you’re trying to impress that person you’ve had your eye on. Sweaters are typically seen as modest garments, but when they’re worn correctly, they can actually be the hottest thing you can wear — literally and figuratively. Rallo theorizes that, when you’re wearing a sweater that looks good on your body (and makes you feel confident), it may make your date, crush, or partner find you more attractive because you look so good in an otherwise ordinary garment. From there, it can only inspire your date to use their imagination about what’s underneath the sweater — rather than simply showing some skin (which is totally fine too. Wear what makes you feel the best!)

Long story short, it’s a sweater that makes you exude confidence — and that confidence makes anyone sexier than ever.

But, ICYMI, the “Eff Me” sweater isn’t a piece of clothing from a specific store. In an Instagram post, Rallo states that the “Eff Me” sweater “has no specific look, rather it’s an entire vibe–and there’s an eff me sweater for everyone.” The recent resurgence of the “Eff Me” sweater on TikTok makes perfect sense because it’s less of a fashion trend but rather a concept of empowerment — and it helps that the weather is getting colder, too.

The “Eff Me” sweater is whatever you want to make it. For me, it’s a black wool turtleneck sweater that finds its way into most of my outfits during fall. It does everything it needs to, as it mixes both masculine and feminine energies into all of my outfits. Not only does it provide me with that euphoria, but I also exhibit an aura of self-assurance with every step I take on campus.

Once you find the perfect sweater that hugs you in all the right places, it’s game over. You’ll become an unstoppable force exuding confidence, elegance, and pure sex appeal. Whoever you’re going on a date with would have no choice but to take you home.

If you’re in need of your own “Eff Me” sweater, here are some recommendations that will be a surefire way to get your date to fall in love with you!

J. Crew Cotton-blend cropped V-neck cardigan sweater ($65)

You can’t ever go wrong with a cropped V-neck sweater. Pair it with some washed-out jeans and this would be the perfect casual first date fit!

LA Hearts Seasons Change Pullover Sweater ($40)

This relaxed-fit, wide-ribbed pullover sweater gives you a more cozy look. I’d recommend the olive or brown color so you could really hone in on the fall vibes.

Topshop Crop Sweater ($50)

With a boxier silhouette, this cropped sweater provides a more masculine appeal for those less inclined to go full femme!

Krissie Cruz is a National Writer for the Wellness department and a contributor to the Her Campus McMaster chapter. She writes a slew of topics but primarily focuses on all things culture, wellness and life. Aside from Her Campus, Krissie is currently a fourth-year political science student with a specialization in public law and judicial studies. She also has a minor in philosophy and an interest in applied social sciences research. Although her initial dream was to pursue law, her passion for writing has led her to a future in the publishing industry. Despite a shift in interests, politics and social justice hold a special place in her heart. In her free time, she spends hours binge-reading, taking film photography, and curating oddly specific Spotify playlists. She’s an active participant in the queer Toronto space by attending events and if her schedule allows it, volunteering for Pride Toronto.