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Krissie Cruz

McMaster '24

Krissie Cruz is a part of the Her Campus at McMaster chapter, writing at least two articles a month as a full-time writer. She writes a slew of topics but primarily focuses on all things culture, wellness and life.

Aside from Her Campus, Krissie is currently a fourth-year political science student with a specialization in public law and judicial studies. She also has a minor in philosophy and an interest in applied social sciences research. Although her initial dream was to pursue law, her passion for writing has led her to a future in the publishing industry. She previously wrote political pieces for other McMaster clubs such as Multipolar Marauder. Despite a shift in interests, politics and social justice hold a special place in her heart.

In her free time, she spends hours binge-reading, taking film photography, and curating oddly specific Spotify playlists. She’s an active participant in the queer Toronto space by attending events and if her schedule allows it, volunteering for Pride Toronto.