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New To Phone Sex? Here Are The Best First Lines To Set The Mood

Let’s get right to the point: A well-executed sext or dirtily mumbled line over the phone is always a way to add a little spice to a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, phone sex isn’t just reserved for an exclusive relationship, friends with benefits and situationships can also use a bit of spice! However, phone sex and sexting can be extremely intimidating, especially for a newbie. Before reading further, just remember that it’s OK to own your sexuality, even when you’re trying something new. Phone sex is a great way to own your sexual energy and even introduce your kinky fantasies before trying them out in the bedroom. Is it hot in here? Can someone open a window?

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, or just want to try something new, here are a few favorite phone sex lines and sext-starters to use. Put these in your pocket and whip ’em out whenever you’re settling in for a naughty FaceTime or phone call, or if you feel the need to send a frisky text. Either way, it’s about to get steamy. Warning: These are sure to have things hot and heavy in no time, trust me. 

“Tell me what you want to do to me.”

Get both of you excited as they describe every naughty little thing they want to do — consensually, OFC. This is also a great opportunity to get a feel of your sexual partner’s kinks, fantasies, and whatever else they may be into.

“What are you wearing?”

A cliché line, but an incredible go-to. This question gives your partner the opportunity to either describe their current sexy outfit, or get straight to the birthday suit. (Pro-tip: The best answer if you’re asked this question? “Come home and find out.” 

“I’m touching my ___.”

No explanation is necessary for this one. 

“All I want to do To you is  ____.”

This line is the perfect way to describe the fantasies that you’re having about the person on the other end of the phone. Show your kinky side!

“Check your snap.”

The perfect set-up for sending them naughty little reminders of everything they’re missing.

“This is what’s waiting for you.” 

A great caption for a naughty pic, IMHO.

“I want to cover you in ____.”

Nothing is better than getting dirty — literally. This line is a great way to tell them all the ways you plan on getting messy whenever you see them: Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, the world is yours. Let that freak flag fly.

“I’m so turned on.”

Obviously, this is the goal, but a little verbal acknowledgment never hurts. Bonus points if you add a breathy moan at the end if you’re on the phone. 

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