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Make Haste & Try These ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Sex Positions

Get ready to take off your petticoats, because it’s getting hot in here. ICYMI, Bridgerton Season 3 is coming to Netflix on May 16, and the streets say this is the spiciest season yet. After locking yourself in your room to binge-watch the first drop of episodes, you might find yourself feeling a little hot and bothered. So, why not call up your partner, crush, of FBW to try out some Bridgerton-inspired sex positions?

Regency-era romances are hot. We know this. And by now, Bridgerton watchers are all too familiar with how the show builds up the sexual tension to create some of the sexiest scenes known to man. With Bridgerton Season 3 on the horizon, we can expect even more tension, spiciness, and cinematic edging than ever before. (Anyone else excited for the mirror scene? IYKYK.)

But, the regency-era fantasy doesn’t have to live on your screen, or in your head. With these Bridgerton-inspired sex positions, you can bring all of the heat from your TV to your bedroom. These positions are big on eye and skin-to-skin contact, and are sure to up the tension (and passion) through intimacy. Find a mirror, slap on some lacy lingerie, and get ready to have your partner burn for you. (Not literally, though. You know what I mean.)


This modification of the classic missionary position is so hot — and it feels so good. To do this, lay on your back and have your penetrating partner get on top. As they enter, wrap your legs around their torso to pull them in closer. This allows you to have more skin-to-skin contact and, by bringing your bodies closer, encourages more intense eye contact, kissing, and whatever else you please.

standing Doggy, with a mirror

If there’s one position to try, it’s this one. Find a mirror in your home — in the bathroom, a vanity, or that full-length mirror in your bedroom — and position yourself in front of it, using a counter (or the wall) for stability. Then, lean forward, arch your back, and have your penetrating partner enter from behind as you take in the view in the mirror. You can prop one leg up on a block (or wear a high heel) for deeper penetration, too.

To have and to hold

This position is straight out of a recency-era film, but be careful if you choose to try it! To get it started, find a wall in your space and press your back up against it. From there, have your penetrating partner face you and lift you off of the ground, penetrating you as you hook your legs through their arms, or over their shoulders. Bonus points if you do it against a tree instead — very Anthony and Siena from Season 1, episode 1.

Now, make haste — and get off!

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