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ICYMI, You Can Shop Bloomi At Target

I have a tragic story. While moving out of my apartment, I accidentally threw out my tried-and-true bullet vibrator that acted as my literal sexual partner for the majority of my college career. After a long day of moving, and as I settled into my new space, I felt the need to release the beast. So, you can imagine my heartbreak as I rummaged through my newly unpacked bedroom to find no signs of my $10 Amazon vibrator. A moment of silence.

I was so desperate that I checked delivery apps to see if I could GoPuff myself a vibrator. Amazon orders would take two days minimum, but I wanted the satisfaction now. My nearest Walmart was outside of the city. The selection at my local Target at the time? Non-existent. I had to shift my gears to manual and reunite with my long-lost pal, the showerhead. It was tragic.

Jokes aside, it’s a known fact that sexual wellness products aren’t the most accessible things on Earth. But, in 2023, consumers are becoming less ashamed of their sexuality, and are looking for in-store, accessible options for sexual wellness products. Gone are the days of online shopping with five-day standard shipping: People want pleasure now. And sexologist-led intimacy brand Bloomi knows this.

Founded by Rebecca Alvarez Story, MA, Bloomi is a brand that specialized in clean sexual wellness products such as lubes, oils, cleansers, and toys. Their accessible, gender-affirming approach to sexuality has been a breath of fresh air in the sexual wellness industry. From bundles (my favorite is The Essentials Bundle ($185)) to singular toys (like the Double-Sided Vibrator ($50)), Bloomi has it all.

Originally an online storefront, Bloomi expanded into limited Target stores in 2022. However, in April 2023, the brand spread its wings into the shelves of 1,500 Targets nationwide.


From your local Target to your nightstand.✨ Smooth Water-Based Personal Lubricant has quickly become a top community pick and we’re not surprised why! It’s pH-balanced 4.0- 4.5, not sticky, glycerin + paraben-free and has hydrating properties.Get yours on thebloomi.com or your local @target. Link in bio. 🛒 #Bloomi #CleanIntimateCare #IndulgeYourBody #GetInTheMood #fyp #foryou #selfcare #plantbased #cleanbeauty #target #targetfinds #targethaul #targetruns

♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

While you may not be able to shop all of Bloomi’s products at Target, you can get your hands on some of the brand’s bestsellers such as the bullet vibrator ($25) and their water-based lube ($10), along with other toys and products.

Additionally, Bloomi also announced its expansion into the high-end department store, Saks Fifth Avenue. Meaning, you can shop the brand’s entire online storefront on the Saks website.

But for those of us out here looking to get our hands on quality toys without waiting for the mail, Bloomi’s Target expansion is just what we needed. So, if you’re looking to stock up on a clean-formula lube, or a sex toy that stands the test of time, look no further than your local Target from now on.

julianna (she/her) is an associate editor at her campus where she oversees the wellness vertical and all things sex and relationships, wellness, mental health, astrology, and gen-z. during her undergraduate career at chapman university, julianna's work appeared in as if magazine and taylor magazine. additionally, her work as a screenwriter has been recognized and awarded at film festivals worldwide. when she's not writing burning hot takes and spilling way too much about her personal life online, you can find julianna anywhere books, beers, and bands are.