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Instagram Accounts, Podcasts & More Mental Health Resources For Black Women

Mental healthcare should always be at the forefront of your mind, but often work, life and stigma get in the way. Now is an especially important time for members of the Black community to take care of their mental health–with the protests condemning police violence and racism towards Black people occurring worldwide, and while racism even seems to be escalating in some of those corners, you might need some help processing what is going on. Here are a variety of mental health resources that can help you get through this hard time. 

Instagram Accounts To Follow



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Run by board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemmons, @Askdrjess focuses on black mental health, giving tips and resources on everything relating from wellbeing to motherhood. 




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With a mission to destigmatize mental health care for people of color, @Saddie_baddies discusses different issues such as self-harm, respectability politics, disordered eating and loneliness, while posting beautiful pictures of young people of color. 




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This account focuses specifically on Black mental health and wellbeing, posting resources and hosting live panels on a plethora of different mental-health related topics. 




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The name for this account says it all. @Decolonizingtherapy tries to reclaim therapy for the Black community. This account, run by Psychologist Jennifer Mullan, discusses mental health and resources as well as how those resources are restricted due to inequities.  




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Filled to the brim with poetry and art, @Cleowade is a fantastic account that speaks on life, spirituality, mental health and loving yourself.




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Run by Bassey Ipsi, a mental health advocate, @Basseyworld is an account centered around mental health, including images, tweets, resources and even slam poetry.


Podcasts To Listen To



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Black Girls Heal

A more relationship-centered podcast, Black Girls Heal discusses how Black women can break out of the cycle of unhealthy relationships in addition to healing unresolved trauma and increasing self-worth. 

Balanced Black Girl

With episodes coming out every other week, Balanced Black Girl speaks to different mental health experts on self-development and easy and approachable ways to practice self-care. 

Body Trauma Podcast

While still very new, the Body Trauma Podcast speaks about how our traumas do not leave our bodies, and impact the type of therapy that is effective. 

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

Run by Therapy for Black Girls, this podcast speaks about everything relating to mental health and wellbeing, giving tips and tricks on how to become the best version of yourself. 

Hey Girl Podcast

Author Alexandra Elle sits with different women who inspire her in order to hear their stories. Hey Girl discusses almost every topic one could need, and provides a really beautiful narrative element. 


Organizations For (And To) Support

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An organization that actually makes a virtual retreat successful, OmNoire provides mental health tips, affirmations, and strategies for those looking to better themselves within the confines of their own home. 

Black Mental Health Alliance

The Black Mental Health Alliance is a mental health resource that provides information and a “Connect with a Therapist” locator to connect Black people with culturally-competent mental health professionals. 

The Loveland Foundation

Finding the right therapist is extremely hard, and cost often becomes a barrier for those looking to seek therapy. The Loveland Foundation has a therapy fund that provides financial aid to Black women who are looking to begin treatment. 


Resources To Find A Therapist

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  1. The Association of Black Psychologists

  2. Ayana Therapy

  3. Therapy for Queer People of Color

  4. LGBTQ Psychotherapists of Color in California

  5. Black Mental Health Alliance

  6. Black Virtual Therapist Network

  7. Sista Afya’s preferred providers in Chicago

  8. Therapy for Black Girls

  9. Black Female Therapists

For anyone feeling hopeless or questioning suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or text “NAMI” to the National Alliance on Mental Illness chatline at 741741, because you are not alone.

Elizabeth Karpen

Columbia Barnard '22

Lizzie Karpen is 2022 graduate of Barnard College, the most fuego of women’s colleges, who studied Political Science and English with a concentrations in Film and American Literature. To argue with her very unpopular opinions, send her a message at @lizziekarpen on Instagram and Twitter. To read her other work, check out Elizabethkarpen.com.