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It’s Almost Summer Time!

A sure sign of summer at UBC is when people start breaking out the frisbees and discs, taking to the lawns across campus to get some...

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Campus Tours: Then and Now

Ah, the campus tour - the first impression of their soon-to-be university for many students leaving high school. Most of us have done a...

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Nimisha Sharma

The Basics Name: Nimisha Sharma Faculty/Program/Year: Science, Environmental Science and Economics, Year 5 Hometown: Surrey, BC At UBC What...

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Know This, Period.

Let's get it out in the open right now: A lot of people around the world menstruate. There. I said it . Now that the hard part is over...

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Library Tips at UBC

Image source. The time for taking up residence in libraries across campus is soon upon us - in two weeks' time, final exam season will...

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Catherine Fergusson

The Basics Name: Catherine Fergusson Year: 4 Program of study: Acting Preferred pronouns: she/her/hers At UBC Why did you choose the...

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Early Spring in Vancouver

Cherry blossoms have decorated the landscape of UBC and the rest of Vancouver with Spring's early arrival this year.