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Ah, the campus tour – the first impression of their soon-to-be university for many students leaving high school. Most of us have done a tour of our school campuses before we started or just after we arrived. Fast forward a few months – or in the case of these writers four years – how the times do change from those first impressions and fresh ideas to the knowledge and lived experiences of veteran students. We take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about our campus tours, and how we feel about those fresh ideas now.


Then: “I bet that every weekend is going to be a huge party!”

Now: “Why can I not find any space in the library on Saturday night?”


Then: “I hope the cafeteria doesn’t serve mush…”

Now: “This is the most delicious gourmet meal I have ever eaten.”

** Except at Subway, that’s still not gourmet and will fall apart ** 


Then: “The dorm rooms are actually bigger than I expected.”

Now: What the beds feel like…


Then: “The Nitobe Garden is so beautiful!”

Now: “The Nitobe Garden is so beautiful!”


Then: “Wow the Totem Park Cafe is probably just as nice as Place Vanier!”

Now: “ew what?”


Then: “I’ll get so much studying done in the Irving Library!”

Now: “Tumblr or Facebook…?” 


And Perhaps the most decieving…..

 Then: “All this construction will be done by the time you all get here!” 

Now: 4 years later…
Katie (she/her) has a Graduate Diploma in Business from Queen's University and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Minor from the University of British Columbia. She is a former Campus Correspondent of HC at UBC and is passionate about people and their wellbeing, photography, and food.