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Catherine Fergusson

The Basics

Name: Catherine Fergusson

Year: 4

Program of study: Acting

Preferred pronouns: she/her/hers



Why did you choose the program(s) you are currently in? Acting makes me happy! It makes me feel alive and I can’t live without it. I started university determined not to become an actor and to do something “practical,” but I couldn’t ignore my calling. Everything else made me super sad. So I secretly auditioned for UBC and got in! And the UBC acting program is super rad.

What extracurriculars are you involved in? I’m co-vice president of UBC’s Theatre and Film Undergraduate Student Society (TFUSS). I also used to do UBC Improv. And I work on the pirate ship on Granville Island!

Favourite course at UBC? My program is so small that I can’t answer without breaking hearts! Some highlights have been stage combat (punching class), accents (pretending to be British class), and voice (sexually-charged groaning class). I’m also minoring in English, some favourite courses being Shakespeare and 19th Century Drama.

Favourite professor at UBC? I’ve loved all my professors. Some favourites are Patricia Badir, Vin Nardizzi, and Greg Mackie.

If first-day-of-school Catherine could look at you now, what would be a surprise about Catherine of today? I became an actor! And I have friends!


Triumph of Love

What role do you have in the musical? Princess Leonide.

What aspects of your role have you been able to connect most with? Leonide is a total love machine. She lives and breathes love and it drives her to do crazy things. I can definitely relate. The Princess and I are both very emotionally driven, sometimes to a fault. Plus she’s just a little bit evil and so am I.

Have there been any significant challenges in taking on your role? I keep bumping noses with people when I have to kiss them!

When and how did you become involved in theatre? In highschool. Doing theatre was the only thing I didn’t hate! It helped me gain confidence, make my best friends, and unlock my soul. It was the only reason I got out of bed in the morning. My drama teacher was amazing and believed in me, which meant the world to me. Theatre helped me find myself.



Do you have a celebrity “crush”? My boyfriend!!

What do you find most attractive in another person? Trustworthiness. And shiny blonde hair.

What do you find most off-putting in another person? If he thinks he’s smarter than me.


For more information on the upcoming show Triumph of Love, check out their facebook page here and the offical show site here!

Katie (she/her) has a Graduate Diploma in Business from Queen's University and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Minor from the University of British Columbia. She is a former Campus Correspondent of HC at UBC and is passionate about people and their wellbeing, photography, and food.
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