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Get Your Dream Job

Start Somewhere…Anywhere

Depending on what kind of job you’re looking for, you will need to make yourself familiar with that work environment. If you want to be a lawyer, try looking for volunteer opportunities, internships, or even joining clubs at your campus, such as student government. If you want to join the PR team, make sure to put yourself out there. Become an event planner for a club at your school, make sure you’re networking and start building an online presence. Start simple with an Instagram account, showcasing all the events and people you bring together, or start a blog and feature your connections. No matter what your dream job is, you can start building basic skills like customer service, communications skills, organization, computer literacy. Try getting familiar, or even better, an expert with the programs you know your future employers will ask for. A few simple examples are Photoshop, Microsoft Office or R programming. Start somewhere in the beginning.

Work Hard

We hear this a lot and find ourselves questioning what that means. I think over the few years of personal experience and listening to an endless amount of TedTalks, I have narrowed it down to being your best self at your current job. Become an asset at the current company you’re working or interning for. If you are not doing either, then become your professor’s best friend. These are the people who will set you up for success in your future dream jobs. More often than not, your dream employers will ask for references, and you need to know the right people who can write you one.

Be a Decent Human Being

This probably applies to everything in your life, but it is especially important in the work environment. As they say, we can never escape our past. Treat everyone you meet and work with, with respect and kindness, and especially importance. People enjoy feeling important so, it is more than likely they will remember you more if you made them feel special. Keeping your mind and body present, while giving them your full attention goes a long way. These simple things can get you really far in your career because you never know if the person interviewing you in an hour is the same person taking too long to order at the coffee shop in front of you right now. Also, a gentle reminder, make your online presence as presentable as your resume. Believe me when I say the majority of HR managers and employers will do their research before interviewing, and potentially, hiring you.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared and optimistic. Make sure you look presentable and dress to impress. First impressions are everlasting. Don’t go to career fairs wearing a hoodie. Trust me, you can still be yourself and dress professionally. It is all about the cut of the fabric, keep it simple and sleek. Always be prepared to tell people what your dream job is and why you want it. Most people get hired because of their connections, so you may not know someone who works at a marketing firm, but your roommate or classmates might.  If you treat them with respect and make them feel important, like I suggested, they will help you out.

In the end, it is important to know why you want this job. Learning all about it, and getting closer to the people who are already working in the field by networking is a plus. Keep in mind to make others feel special. Build strong connections naturally. Keep in mind, you may need to keep applying for this job, don’t give up. Instead, learn what you can to improve in order to return as a stronger candidate.

With that, I wish you all good luck in getting that dream job!



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