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I was extremely lucky to get roommates who are complete and utter awesomesauce. We are the definition of #RoommateGoals.

1.You are each other’s lock screen on your phone.

(This picture collage is actually all of our lock screens.)

2.You buy matching Christmas pajamas.

3.You go to UH football games together.

4.You binge watched Stranger Things together and are actively looking for more shows to watch.

We’ve watched Stranger Things, Scream Queens, and now we need more shows.



5.You’re already making plans to room together next year.

Jacqueline is a senior at University of Houston double majoring in Accounting & Management Information Systems. She is a bookworm and enjoys paintball and laser tag. When she’s not studying, she likes cheering on her fellow Coogs at games as well as spiking down unworthy opponents in friendly games of volleyball at the Rec.
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