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Not only does Elsa Pair share a name with Disney royalty, but is a fantastic contributor to the Her Campus UH squad. Her articles contain funny, relatable and intriguing content.

She joined HCUH this semester which is also her freshman year at UH.

Elsa hasn’t gotten a chance to get involved with other organizations yet, but she does enjoy being a part of HC.

“HC allows me to write and be heard! It’s so nice to know there are people out there who read what I have to say,” Elsa says. “As someone who wants to be an author, that’s very important to me.”

She has compassion for everything she does. A lot of the compassion is directed towards her goal in life to become a Young Adult books author.

Elsa is taking advantage of the academic, social, and professional opportunities UH has to offer.

"Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions."
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