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Woman Standing Facing Sea
5 Summer Sunnies You Need

No summer look would be complete without a stunning pair of sunglasses! Whether you’re soaking up the sun on campus or lying out on the...

red and black packed presents on white textile
Get Stylish on a Budget with Frameri

With an ever-changing fashion industry, it is sometimes challenging to keep up with all of the trends. Whether it is clothes, shoes or...

Black Framed Sunglasses Near Go Pro Sports Cam
Guide to Sunglasses, AKA Sunnies

Every wonder what it is about some people in the summer that just makes them look so cool and sun-kissed? It’s most likely the sunglasses...

two person lying on grass near teal city bike
Sunglass Season

Now that spring has sprung, we finally see more of the sun. For those of you who love the sun, but hate the glare, polarized sunglasses are...

Sunnie Days

The season of summer is coming to a close (sigh...), and we all wish we could wear crop tops and shorts year round. But sadly that outfit...

medieval architecture building with grass courtyard
6 Perfect Summer Sunnies

Spring has sprung and so the sunshine has begun! Now that the days are a little bit warmer and the skies are bluer, it’s time to start...