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Summer Survival Kits

The summer survival kits have all the neccesities you will need to beat the summer heat! We had adorable Kuzi's for all your beverage needs...

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Summer & Travel Essentials

Summer is right around the corner—and Her Campus knows exactly what beauty products you'll need! Not only are these goodies summer friendly...

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Bringing on the Summer [Survival Kits]

With about a week to graduation, He rCampus has got a few items to get you through these last few days of finals. Bring on the sunshine and Her...

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Summer Survival: Belmont Edition

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, we at Her Campus have been compiling a list of the top things you need to have a summer...

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HC Summer Survival Kit!

The Summer Survival Kit just landed at TrinColl! We are so in love with all the goodies in this summer's kit! We can't wait to open the...