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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

It is now May and the end of the semester is upon us. We have all noticed the bleachers being set up for graduation on Low Steps and some of us refuse to accept that the time for graduation has come.


However, with about a week to graduation, Her Campus has got a few items to get you through these last few days of finals. One of the last things that you might want to be dealing with during this time is your period. Well, Monthly Gift has got you covered.



If you have ever wanted a personal assistant, this is your chance. Monthly Gift is a revolutionary feminine health care subscription service. In their Little Black Box, a customized feminine health care package, products are delivered straight to your address just before your period arrives.



Now that the weather is staying consistently pleasant, it’s finally the time to show off your legs.



If you are looking for a perfect shave look for Pure Silk shaving cream. It will leave your legs softer and smoother than with ordinary soap and water. No need for any moisturizer after Pure Silk nourishes your skin! Try the Raspberry Mist, which makes shaving so much more pleasurable.

Ever since Her Campus Barnard first got a hold of Brappz we have been obsessing over their versatility. Just a few days ago, multiple on-campus organizations had their Spring formals. Brappz have proved essential to get us through them all.


This inventive brand was born & designed in Switzerland. Use it as Bra straps, jewelry, shoelaces, hair accessories, and more. They come in a variety of colors and lengths for even more versatility.

If you are remaining or traveling to a new city during the summer for a local job or internship, Her Campus has partnered with Spots to introduce you to their new application to help you adjust to your new city.  


It is a social application that enables college students to travel on a budget or simply make new friends in town! Find other students who are offering their living space at an affordable price or you can also list your own “Spot”. It is an easy way to make some extra cash and meet new people. Just identify your location, name a competitive price, and wait for a request from a fellow student!. Download Spots today and start traveling!



It was an awesome surprise to get more Vera Bradley items for this kit. Vera Bradley consistently provides some of greatest quality products. My favorite item from them is their Accordion Wallet inside there are 12, yes 12 card slots for business cards, credit cards and IDs. On each side there is a bill pocket and a zip pocket for coins, for all the money that you will have already spent before the end of the semester. Find yours at  http://bit.ly/1WSZjEu


Another great product is their classic ID and key holder. The Campus Double ID: features two ID windows – one on the front and another inside. It’s the perfect case for any student at Barnard and Columbia, or anyone who frequently needs to show more than one ID. It can also hold a metro card conveniently in one of the three credit card slots inside. In addition hold your change with the coin pocket on back. Look out for these  http://bit.ly/1RL5V9G Add on one of Vera Bradley’s Twice As Nice Keychain. It is a double-sided keychain with a logo key ring that detaches for easy release of your keys. Find the various patterns here  http://bit.ly/1pFQzGI



One of my favorite things from this kit has been this lovely Camelbak Waterbottle. With the weather staying above the 50s on the Upper West Side, it has been important to me to stay hydrated. During finals season, I’m run on coffee and tea. With the Forge® Divide water bottle, I don’t have to worry about spills or slowing down of my studying. It has a one-handed drinking valve that opens with the simple press of a button and seals shut to prevent leaks or spills.



Sometimes Camelbaks are difficult to clean but the drinking valve pops open for easy cleaning—there aren’t any hidden parts that will collect gunk. I think my favorite part is that it comes in so many vibrant colors. Camelbak has also been promoting a new campaign #DitchDisposable aimed at reducing disposable cups and replacing them with reusable containers.



Her Campus Barnard had a great year on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and this Summer Survival Kit is sure to help us get over the long distance blues.