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Summer & Travel Essentials

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Summer is right around the corner—and Her Campus knows exactly what beauty products you’ll need! Not only are these goodies summer friendly, but they’re also essentials for a last-minute overnight trip!

You’ve almost passed the #StressTest of finals, but don’t forget you still need to feel cool and clean this summer. Secret Deodorant has you covered. Especially with their Cool Waterlily scent! Stick this little guy in your purse and you’ll be #freshtodeath the next morning. 


Feel fresh with Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths. The scents are perfect for the summertime, like mandarin blossom. It’s #SimplySummersEve. When you stay the night somewhere away from home and need a morning refresher, this wipe is small and compact—and is the pop you need to start your day. 

Keep your makeup light with Essence’s Eyebrow Fixing Pencil. The clear wax pen keeps your eyebrows en pointe without all the heavy powders. Summer is all about minimal makeup and embracing your natural glow, so instead of opting for powders and pencils, hold your brow hairs down with this waxy bad boy. Looking a little wild in the morning? Straightened brows can make all the difference. 


Keep your drinks cool with Her Campus’s koozie. They come in so many cute colors and quotes! 

Being ready for any summer adventure with Steripod Toothbrush Protector. With this you can keep you toothbrush right in your purse and live the #ThePodLife.



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Katie is in denial that she is a senior soon to be graduating from Bentley this spring. When she is not in class or at a meeting you can find her at a country concert any given day of the week. Besides country music she loves shopping, sushi, and all things Greek Life. Add her on insta @katesbgates
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