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Ezra Jeffrey Comeau
Her Campus at UC Berkeley Snowy Summers

For most people, skiing means winter, snow, layers, and maybe even hot cocoa. In fact, most people aren’t even aware that summer skiing...

aerial view of Boston high-rise buildings and Fenway Park
The Best Ways to Enjoy Winter

The cold doesn’t have to be your kryptonite. Here are some ideas about how to make the most of the chilly season!

Surprise Snowfall

We didn't expect this much snow; stay safe on the roads, falcons!

First Snow Fall Of The Semester

Well, Mountaineers, we survived the first week of classes and, more importantly, the first blizzard of the semester. Okay, so maybe Tuesday...

The First Snowfall

Students enrolled at Saint Vincent College came back from Christmas break and were all wondering when the first snowfall would be. Luckily...

First Snow(wo)man of the Semester

We had our first snowfall of the semester Monday! By Tuesday most of it had already melted, but we spotted this snow(wo)man hangin' on...

bookshelf filled with books
Scranton Snowfall

The Estate looks picturesque after a snowfall in Scranton! Photo Courtesy of Jenna Bruchalski '17. Have a photo you want featured in our...