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The Best Ways to Enjoy Winter

A fresh snowfall always brings with it a variation of mixed reactions. There are those who groan and reschedule their day of productivity to a day of hibernation, those who joyfully run outside with the purpose of skipping through the incoming flakes, and those who simply grit their teeth and prepare to trudge through the blizzard in order to reach their destination. As a member of the group that cannot help but cheer when it begins to snow, I always receive a few incredulous looks whenever I voice my desire to stand outside and allow the little, white crystals to build up on my hair and jacket.

Regardless of whether the snowy winter sends you running to your bed or grabbing for your sled, I believe that a snow-filled winter possesses some form of objective beauty that we can all appreciate. After the last snowfall that delivered blistering winds and plummeting temperatures to BU’s campus, I was inspired to explore different ways in which everyone can enjoy winter, even if you despise the cold.

To begin, if you absolutely detest setting foot outside in any temperature below 50 degrees, plan indoor activities that allow you to appreciate the chilly, gray aesthetic of winter. Organize a movie night with friends. Wrap yourself in a blanket with a good book or the next season of your favorite Netflix show. Dress in fuzzy socks and oversized sweatpants. Summer is wonderful for soaking up the sun, but hot temperatures often prevent us from embracing the feeling of coziness. If you’re snuggled in a soft blanket and sharing popcorn with friends, you might find that the muted, cold atmosphere outside the window will make your indoor setting seem more intimate and (paradoxically) warmer.

Now, if you’re feeling brave and are ready to venture into the cold, there are ways to transform your dreaded march into a pleasant walk. Before you leave the building, have a warm drink in your hands, be it tea, coffee, hot apple cider, or a different yet equally satisfying beverage of choice. Don’t have a coffee maker in your room? Trade in some dining or convenience points at Starbucks on your way to class. Us Terriers, new and old, know that BU is not lacking in places to obtain coffee. Prepping yourself for the cold with a hot drink will not only heat your hands as you walk, but also reward you with a treat to sip once you’ve reached your destination.

Also, don’t forget that dressing for winter can be an enjoyable process. Yes, the layers of clothing are a hassle to cart around all day, but if you’re going to haul a heavy jacket wherever you venture off to, why not also haul around add-ons? Equip yourself with a warm pair of gloves, a favorite (preferably soft) scarf, and a hat or headband to keep your ears warm. The beauty of winter is that when it’s freezing outside, you tend not to sweat, and can wear shirts without fear of sweat stains or hats without fear of hair plastered to your head.

Finally, if the cold embraces you the moment you walk outside, embrace it back. If there is a heavy snowfall that leaves in its wake a winter wonderland, call your friends for a day, or even an hour, of simply playing in the snow. I was fortunate enough to go sledding in the Boston Common last March after a blizzard and, as a result, possess a cache of memories I will never forget. Many sled rides and more than several (humorous) wipeouts later, I returned home with my friends sharing a sense of fulfillment only a day in the snow can deliver. So whether sliding down a hill, skating on Frog Pond, or throwing a chunk of snow at an unsuspecting friend, the joy of a lighthearted afternoon in the snow will extinguish thoughts and feelings of frozen toes or numb fingers.

Admittedly, I am biased in favor of winter and understand that while it’s easy to look at snow and concede its pretty, bone-chilling walks to class can be difficult to conquer. I hope, however, that even on the days when the wind whips your hair and snow flurries settle onto your eyelashes that you can use this article to remedy, and even enjoy winter.


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Emilee is a BU alumni from Charleston, South Carolina. She graduated with a BA Latin American Studies and a minor in Comparative Literature.  In addition to writing for Her Campus she enjoys reading, grabbing coffee with friends, and playing in the snow. She takes frequent trips to Ontario- the home of her family and grew up riding horses. Her favorite show is New Girl and she sees every day as an opportunity to pet a new dog. 
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