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Just Some Cute Animal Videos

Happy finals, collegiettes! Luckily, it's almost over... or maybe not so luckily for those of us graduating?! We here at HC know how...

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Obscure Jobs You Could Be Destined For

I’m perfectly content following the career path I have chosen, but sometimes I wonder what alternative occupations I would also excel at...

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Finals Week As Told By Sloths

As the stress of finals week begins to set in with countless papers to write and tests to study for, all of the work seems to just keep...

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Sydney Lovell ’18

Name: Sydney Rose Lovell Major: Respiratory care Hometown: Sacramento, California Insta: Thisgirlsydneyy Last thing you watched on Netflix...

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Slothin’ It

Whether you see sloths as cute, creepy, or the all-out raddest creatures on the planet, these creatures have more in common with college students than you’d think.

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Sloths, Sloths, Sloths!

We see them all over the Internet in hilarious memes and compare ourselves to them when we can’t muster the energy to get out of bed in the...