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Meet Dana Tohme ’20

Name: Dana Tohme Class Year: 2020 Hometown: 20 minutes from Beirut, Lebanon Major: International Affairs, Gender Studies/Spanish minor HC:...

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6 Questions I Still Have About Skidmore

I have been a student at Skidmore for over a year now, but there are still a few things about this campus that I have not quite figured out...

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Campus Cutie: Grace Kuhlenschmidt

Campus Cutie: Grace Kuhlenschmidt Class: 2017 Major: Psychology Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA Hobbies/Interests: Comedy HC: Favorite club...

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Campus Celeb: OmWear Outfitters

HC Skidmore sat down with the entrepreneurial Sophia Redi to talk about OmWear Outfitters, the yoga and fashion brand created with her two...

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Ask A Skid Kid

For all the prospective students who are interested in Skidmore, we wanted to put together the reasons why we all decided on becoming a...