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Ask A Skid Kid

For all the prospective students who are interested in Skidmore, we wanted to put together the reasons why we all decided on becoming a Skid Kid.

We asked around and compiled a list to answers that were given to “Why did YOU decide to come to Skidmore?”


“I decided to go to Skidmore because you can major in Business and Management- it is extremely rare to be able to major in Business at the undergraduate level.” -Olivia


“I chose Skidmore for the small class sizes, tight knit community, emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, and the amazing people!” -Delaney


“I chose to attend Skidmore College because I grew up visiting my grandmothers house in Vermont, and we would always visit the Tang. Growing up I became familiar with the campus and was always in awe of the motto Creative Thought Matters. I also very much enjoy the fact that SKidmore has extensive woods on campus, which allows for students to escape from society every once in a while.” -Samantha


I went here because of the good food and dining hall. Not only that but the town of Saratoga is amazing and just has a good feel to it. It’s also an option to go to the city for the weekend or go to Albany to the mall. I also chose Skidmore for the small size, which allows for the professors to really get to know you. The campus is also beautiful.. more in the spring and fall.” -May


“I chose Skidmore first and foremost because of the study abroad programs, the interesting anthropology staff and the location. However, when I walked on the campus for the first time, I felt an overwhelming sense of being at home.” -Victoria


“Coming from the west coast, I wanted an east coast liberal arts school.” – Avery


“It was close-ish to home and I Liked the campus.” -Anonymous 


“While I joke that it was the free D-hall cookies I got on the tour, it was the overwhelming kindness and care I felt in the students here that made me feel so naturally at home here, and made me apply.” -Suzan


“I really had no idea what type of school I wanted to go to- but when I visited Skidmore during the Discovery Tour I immediately  fell in love with the campus and the community. After looking at numerous colleges, Skidmore seemed to stand out to me the most.” -Emily


“Well initially I wanted to come here for the education program, so I applied and when I got accepted I came. But, then I took a psychology class and fell in love with the major. I am grateful for the liberal arts requirements, as I never would have thought about taking a psychology class, yet alone majoring in it.” -Maya


“I chose to go to Skidmore because I absolutely loved the town, and my brother (a Skid grad) had the best time!” -Sophia


“I chose Skidmore because I loved the people I met who went here and I wanted to wear Bean Boots and Barbour in the snow, so I obviously had to go east.” -Emma


“I loved that it was a liberal arts school with a business major. Also, the window seats!” -Daphne


“Funny story, actually, I visited my sister at her college when I was a sophomore in High School and to get into frats I had to say I was 18 and already in college. My sister told me to say Skidmore because I knew so many people there. So I did and now 3 years later, I;m here having a great time!” -Zoe


“When I visited, I knew it was my dream school. Everything about it felt comfortable, which is something I hadn’t experienced with other schools. I also loved the town.” -Ilie


“I chose Skidmore because it had a lot of opportunities to get involved in campus activities but was small enough that you could start your own.” -Billie


If you have any questions you would like to Ask A Skid Kid, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or message us directly through our Facebook account.

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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