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10 Things Skid Kids Miss About Skidmore During Summer

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a year away at school. The simple comforts of your house feel like luxuries again; home cooked meals have never tasted so good, the shower has never looked so clean, your bed has never felt so comfortable. That being said, as the weeks go on, the novelty of home starts to fade, and if you’re anything like me, life at Skidmore makes its way back into your brain. Here’s a list of 10 things us Skidmore students are missing with July halfway over, and a new academic year right around the corner.

1)    Sundae Sunday – Sure, you may have a carton or two at home, but we all know ice cream always tastes the best on Sundays. Nothing gets you through a long day at the library like the promise of ice cream in D-Hall with unlimited toppings.

2)    Warm weather days – The first few weeks back on campus are full of lazy afternoons on the green, on south quad, and down by the pond, soaking up the sun before it slips away from months.

3)    Living in the same building as all your friends – You might have to wear shoes in the shower, but there’s nothing better than living in the same building as all your favorite people. After living in a dorm, getting together with friends at home can often feel like entirely too much effort.

4)    Late night trips to Spa after a night out – Because where else can you go to listen to Hotline Bling? Be honest with yourself, eating mozzarella sticks isn’t nearly as fun without booming house music and all your favorite casual acquaintances.

5)    Falstaffs – After experiencing a concert at Falstaffs, paying for concerts at home seems offensive. We can’t wait to get back on campus and go to the first Lively Lucy’s event of the year.

6)    French Toast Sticks – This doesn’t require an explanation.

7)    Surprise visits from therapy dogs – Even if you have pets at home, the excitement that accompanies the presence of therapy dogs on campus is like no other.

8)    Window Seats – No matter what complaints you may have about on-campus housing, the window seats are a major perk. When your stress levels are at a new high and your head is spinning, there’s nothing like curling up with a book and cup of tea in your window seat and taking in the view.

9)    Wafflefest – Even when you’re groaning in bed afterwards, debating whether that third slice of dessert pizza was necessary, there’s nothing as good as Wafflefest after a long day of studying for finals.

10) Lazy nights in – Even on the coldest days of the year, a night in with your best friends, takeout Chinese, and a classic movie (Shrek) is better than any night without them. 

Hey guys! I'm a freshman this year at Skidmore. I like hard rap music, shrimp tempura, and jean jackets.
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