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Luis Chica: The Cool Guy On Campus

(Andrew Fausto on the left, Luis Chica on the right) Name: Luis Chica Year: 4th year Major: Kinesiology Hometown: Eagle Rock, California. I...

Phi Sig’s Annual Pig Roast

Phi Sigma Kappa hosted their annual pig roast this Saturday. Celebrating the coming of warmer weather with frat boys, puppies and BBQ.

City Boy in Seminole Country

Her Campus (HC) : Why did you decide to come to FSU? Justin Markovic (JM) : I decided to come to FSU after meeting a few UF fans during...

Campus Cutie: Zack Gillespie

Meet our newest campus cutie, Zack! He is an exchange student here at George Mason from the UK. His English accent will have you falling...