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Luis Chica: The Cool Guy On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State LA chapter.

(Andrew Fausto on the left, Luis Chica on the right)

Name: Luis Chica

Year: 4th year

Major: Kinesiology

Hometown: Eagle Rock, California. I’ve been living in the same house all my life. 

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite color: Blue

Describe yourself in three words: Straight forward, Social, and Bubbly.

Are you involved on campus, if so which organizations and/or clubs?

I am involved on campus. I’m part of  Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, I’m also an orientation leader, not necessarily a club, but it keeps me very involved on campus.

How do you like being in a fraternity?

It’s definitely interesting. Never did I ever think I was actually going to join a fraternity because it never crossed my mind coming into college. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life. Having connections, networking, and the different opportunities of actually having a college experience has been a very enjoyable.

Being in Fraternity, what would you say was your favorite moment?

My favorite moment or favorite part of joining a fraternity was definitely going to brotherhood retreats. It’s a different kind of experience and the bonding that we have with everybody really got me to acknowledge the decision I made to join Phi Sigma Kappa cause everybody gets to know each other on a deeper level and the communication and bonding that you have with everyone after it’s over just makes you feel that much closer.

As being an orientation leader, what do you get out of the position?

Being an orientation leader, I get so much personal satisfaction from just being able to help incoming freshman and making sure they don’t make the same mistakes I did. I never really had a mentor and leader to look up to coming into CalStateLA. Now that I’m in the position to help out freshman, make sure that I can make their lives a little bit easier and got to mentor them, It brings me a shit ton of personal satisfaction.

I’ve had several freshmen come up to me and they’re like “Hey, you were my orientation leader!” and I’m like “Dope. Nice to see you again.” Sometimes I meet them at school, the gym, or even at my job outside of campus.

What are your favorite things to do in LA?

I definitely love the outdoors. I gained the appreciation through Boy Scouts. I know a lot of people from LA don’t take the time to go into the wilderness or outdoors. Having the  opportunities to go camping and things like that, whether it’s going to the Sierra Madre, going to Joshua tree or even just Malibu, that’s really fun for me.

I’m a super junkie for musical shows. I love the musical scene here in Los Angeles and the different venues, the Echoplex, The High Hat, or Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Being able to see different artist rise and being able to explore different types of music LA has to offer is more things I enjoy.

The last thing would be food. You can honestly have whatever you want  and try new things like in a 5 mile radius. You’ll have in between a 100 to 150 different types of restaurant options to choose from. LA has the most amazing food and I’m grateful for it.

Who is your favorite artist?

J. Cole. I love J. Cole. Ever since I got the opportunity to see him perform live at the Staples Center I’ve just been following his music non stop.

If you could meet J. Cole,  what would you do?

I actually had the opportunity to meet J. Cole. I have met him. I have his signature on a bowling pin because I met him at work. I was so shy! And just fangirling the f*ck out. I didn’t know what to do. I just approached him and was like “Excuse me Mr. Cole, Can I get your signature?” And he just signed it and I was like “Thank you!” I think I said I love you. I don’t know. I was in that much shock and awe but J. Cole is such a humble laid back person that like it wasn’t that hard to approach him. It was more just me being worried.

I had you act in my music video project for class, how did you like being in my music video?

It was definitely an interesting experience. At first I was a little bit shy but I mean screw it, I was able to help you out and I have no problem singing publicly or just putting myself out there. I just had a lot of fun and it was definitely cool seeing the Television and Film studios that are on campus. Being a kinesiology major, Im just stuck in all the science buildings and they can get very boring. It was cool seeing the TVF life. I had a blast and it was fun.

I also had you choose the music, how did you come to decide to perform Frank Ocean’s “Nights”?

I was just really vibing on Frank and you know “Nights” to me has such a dope meaning and the lyricism is really awesome. It was awesome.  And I’m a sucker for anything in regards of ,you know, romance, and “Nights” to me was just so dope talking about romance. I was like “I need to do this song!” If I’m going to cover a song, It’s going to be this song!


If you were stuck on a desert island, what three people would you bring with you?

My sister, for sure. Second one would be Selena Gomez. And third, my best friend Chris.


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