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Meet our newest campus cutie, Zack! He is an exchange student here at George Mason from the UK. His English accent will have you falling head over heels for him, and his fun loving personality is contagious. Zack enjoys the little things that America has to offer and hopes to one day reside here or in Australia.



Hometown: Essex, United Kingdom

Home university: University of East Anglia (UEA)

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting/Finance

Why did you choose your university? Last minute choice and it offers a lot of exemptions from chartered exams. Other universities require more testing.

Why study abroad? Wants to experience America and he always wanted the opportunity to come here, he also chose GMU because he liked it geographically

Favorite thing about GMU/your home school?

UEA: Chilled out setting and hanging out with friends

GMU: The trees and bridges all over campus and the events around campus i.e. name your coke cans

Campus Involvement: Pledging Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and intramural Real football

Random talents: Can rap Kevin Gnapoor’s “Mean Girls Rap” *Does rap, can spin a pen around finger, knows beginners Spanish, good at cheering people up, and on occasion, can dunk a basketball

Most embarrassing moment: He challenged two soccer players to “soccer tennis” and lost, so he had to skinny dip in Mason Pond. He then got scared and lifted his arms because he forgot he was naked. Also, when he was 13, he was staring at some older girls (year 11s) and walked off of pavement, fell and spilled hot soup on his chest, and laid on the ground, humiliated, while everyone laughed at him as the soup turned cold.

Where do you want to live after college?: America or Australia

If you were offered a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go?: Austria or to Italy to bike and jet ski

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite sport’s team: Liverpool (FC)

Favorite Restaurant:

GMU: Five Guys

England: TGI Fridays, Frankie and Benny’s

Favorite movies: Snatch, Layer Cake, Lord of the Rings, She’s Out of My League

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones (Tyrion Lannister is his idol)

Favorite songs: Depending on mood- Lee Fields “Let’s talk it over”, “Ready For Your Love”- Gorgon City, Arctic Monkeys, “505 Riot Van”, Nirvana “Come As You Are”, ACDC “Thunderstruck”, The Black Keys, Frank Sinatra- “Nice and Easy”, Otis Redding – “Cigarettes and Coffee”

Favorite holiday: Easter, because he likes chocolate and girls in bunny ears.


One thing on your bucket list: To become a weird substitute teacher that walks with a limp and then skateboards out of class.

Most prized possession: Dog – Staff Terrier named Mitzi

Celebrity crushes: Daenerys Targaryen (NOT EMILIA CLARKE), Pixie Lott, and Meg from Hercules

Ideal date: Something adventurous like, hanging out at a park or jet skiing

Ideal girl: Someone who can take a joke, banter, not be too girly, a bit sporty, funny, nice, smart, carefree yet motivated, lively, and well spoken

Turn offs: Vapid, girly, annoying, “OHMYGAAAHHHD” type girls, girls that whine, girls that don’t like to get involved, makeup/artificial, overused tattoos, heels

Taken or single: Single

Social media: Just Facebook… for now.

Life aspiration: Wants to travel to at least 85% of the world’s countries, not live in England, be a good father, be rich as heck, never take life seriously

Favorite quote: “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive”

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Hello everyone, Queen Elizabeth here! I am a junior here at GMU and I am majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I am currently a memeber of Noteworthy, GMU's only all female A Cappella group, Mason Players, and a few more organizations. I love fashion and setting my own trends, #fashionista. My ultimate dream is to be a famous, professional pop singer and sing along with some of the world's best pop artists like Rihanna and Beyonce. I am currently writing music and working on an EP album! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ladybea95 and my singing IG if you would like @lizzybea.br. Last but not least, I love One Direction, so they have taken over my social life. The End!
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