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Books We Love to Hate

You know the type. That one book that you absolutely love but you hate that you love it. The bookworms and the young romantics know exactly...

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Chance Maginness ’18

Name/Graduating class: Chance Maginness, Class of 2018 Major: Political science Favorite Lawrence coffee shop: So, if we’re talking like...

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Austin Pitts ’17

Hometown: Adrian, Missouri Grad year/Major: 2017/Teaching Biology Hobbies: Reading, Netflix, chilling, Quidditch and mediocre at best...

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Jaron Beck ’18

Name: Jaron Beck Major: Human Biology Grad Year: 2018 Relationship status: In a relationship with Wheel Pizza Favorite Lawrence restaurant...

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Your 2015 Finals Survival Kit

Hannah & Sydney show you our Finals Survival Kit for 2015! Take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqTMA0bD8VQ

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What HC KU is thankful for!

Her Campus, at the University of Kansas this year wanted to share what they were thankful this year for! Check it out! Share it and like it!