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34 Thoughts You Have Going to a Wedding Alone in Your Twenties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

So your friend(s) are getting married, how exciting. But it looks like you’re going solo, whether it was a choice or not. Maybe you didn’t get a plus one, maybe you couldn’t find a date, either way you’re about to be your own wing(wo)man.


That’s totally fine — but you can’t help but think to yourself:

1. Why didn’t they ask if I needed a plus one for my hypothetical committed relationship?

2. Maybe they have cute single friends.

3. Maybe the wedding party has potential prospects. They should have sent a photo of the party for my consideration.

4. Their friends are probably all in relationships. Couples tend to hang out with couples. 

5. It’s okay, I’ll know at least 2 people there. 

6. They better have an open bar.

7. Why doesn’t the invite say if there is an open bar?

8. Why is everything on their registry so expensive? I want a Kitchen Aid. For dinners for me, myself, and I.

9. This invitation looks fancy…what the hell am I going to wear?

10. Is it still frowned upon to wear black to a wedding?

11. But this is going to be fun.

12. Weddings are fun. There will be dancing and food.

13. It’s not going to be so bad.

14. Why don’t I recognize anyone?

15. Hey, some of the groomsmen are cute.

16. I’m pretty sure that one is drunk.

17. Damn, I hope I look like that on my wedding day.

18. If that day ever comes.

19. Oh, they wrote their own vows.

20. I’m not crying.

21. I’m just going to die alone. And never find happiness. It’s fine.

22. Okay, where is the bar?

23. Is it dinner yet?

24. I’m only still here because of the bar.

25. Can we get some shots up in here?

26. Hey, that guy is cute.

27. Why do people get so many gifts just for getting married? 

28. This toast is all inside jokes. I don’t get it.

29. God, I need another drink.

30. This is why I would have brought a date. So I didn’t have to drive home.

31. Ew they’re so in love.

32. But I guess they’re kinda cute.

33. Okay they’re really cute, I’m happy for them.

34. I’d be lucky to find what they have someday.


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