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Why I Love Being a Spin Instructor

Gif Source My entire life I struggled to find a form of exercise that I genuinely enjoyed. I struggled with my weight and loving to eat (...

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Meet Alina Bui: The Energizer Terp

Name: Alina Bui Year: Senior Major: Neurobiology and Physiology Hometown: Germantown, MD What is your go-to song right now? My go-to Latin...

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Meet Yoga Instructor, Beth Brombosz

A little late in the game, but it’s 2017! It’s only February, so I’m sure those New Year resolutions are still rolling around in your minds...

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Chemistry Instructor Dr. Rick Marta

I was lucky enough to interview Waterloo Alum and now instructor, Dr. Rick Marta for this week’s profile. As many Science students know, he...