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Profile: Bruin Yogi Caith Wright on Teaching Goat Yoga

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Yoga is everywhere these days whether it is done with animals or in intense heat, yoga has become the new workout trend that brings fun and fitness together. On our very own campus Her Campus will be hosting goat yoga taught by one of our very own! UCLA junior Caith Wright will be leading the goat yoga class and we asked her some questions about her personal journey and views on this form of exercise.

Her Campus: What is your year/major?

Caith Wright: I’m a Junior and a Communications Major and an Environmental Systems and Society Minor here at UCLA.

HC: How long have you practiced yoga and how did you find yourself getting into it?

CW: I’ve been practicing for several years and have always loved how fun and energetic yoga is. I really got into it about 3 years ago when I was introduced to Leslie Porter, a yoga trauma therapist based in Santa Monica. She opened my eyes to the amazing benefits of yoga and from there I grew my practice with several other yoga mentors where my teachings were based in Hatha Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga.

HC: How long have you been teaching yoga?

CW: I’ve been teaching throughout the year but I only just got my 200 hr yoga alliance certification a few months back while living in Indonesia! This past summer is where I spent over a month living on an island off the coast of Bali, Nusa Lembogan, where I studied and practiced yoga every day. Since obtaining my certification, I’ve been teaching at UCLA, the Flexible Friday classes at the Sunset Recreation center.

HC: What do you think it is about yoga that keeps people so interested?

CW: I think its yoga’s ability to give people an amazing work out while catering to people’s mental state, something that hasn’t always been very prominent in the exercise culture until today! Also, you can be any shape or size to practice yoga, which makes it an extremely inviting form of exercise due to its accessibility AND immense amount of joy it has to offer!

HC: What is your favorite of all yoga trends that are taking place right now?

CW: My favorite yoga trend right now is definitely beach yoga!! I love being by the ocean at all times and this trend lets me combine my two favorite things!

HC: What is the craziest yoga trend you have taken part in?

CW: Goat Yoga is definitely the craziest yoga trend I will be taking part in so far…


HC: What is the best part about doing yoga with animals like the baby goats?

CW: How animals can make such a care free environment, making yoga light hearted and just simply fun where you’re able to break a sweat while spending time and playing with animals.

Come join Caith and Her Campus at our Goat yoga event this Thursday in Wilson Plaza!

Photos Courtesy of Caith Wright

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