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Meet Leni Fragakis: A Fantastic Zumba Instructor Here at Wake

With our Zumba event approaching on Sunday, March 25th, HerCampus has contacted the Leni Fragakis, our instructor, to have a get-to know feel of how she is involved with Zumba and the many benefits it has. 

HerCampus (HC): How long have you been a Zumba instructor?

Leni Fragakis (LF): I was asked about teaching classes at a company’s fitness center, so I went to the basic training in the beginning of 2013. I was a teacher’s assistant, working on my master’s degree, and already attending classes, so I figured it all made sense to give it a try. Growing up I danced whether it was ballet, tap, or traditional Greek folk dancing so having a career in dance is a dream come true. Now, I am certified in Zumba toning, Zumba kids, and Zumba step.

HC: Why Zumba?

LF: I love the diverse rhythms in Zumba. I feel the music is a way to escape reality while exercising. Zumba was a way for me to meet and connect with people, so I already loved being a student in class.

HC: Are there any other sports you practice?

LF: With my passion for group fitness, I also integrate weight training, so I now teaching Les Mills Body Pump.  Even though I don’t play, I am a huge basketball fan!  Go Deacs!

Picture source: https://nfaspormerkezi.com/zumba.html



Hello! My name is Camilla Zanini and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am currently in the pre-Business track, but am very interested in psychology as well. One of my favorite past times here at Wake is to walk around the Reynolda trails and to hang an Eno in whatever spot they have. I love travelling and Netflix too!
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