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PAK Performer Adam Kronk

We caught up with the handsome Adam Kronk this week to start off this semester with a bang! Mr Kronk will be performing in the much awaited...

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Ceilidh Peers

We loved Ceilidh so much we thought we'd find out more about her! See what she said in Campus Cutie last week. Her Campus USC (AU): Why did...

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Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show

Hey guys & girls! So uni is ending, but our awesome show public holiday for the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show is coming up (Friday,...

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Biology Student Ceilidh Peers

On Left: Ceilidh Peers. Name: Ceilidh Peers. Hometown: Cairns, QLD. Relationship Status: In a relationship. Major: Biology (minor in...

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World Environment Day 2014

Don't miss out in the World Environment Day Festival at the University of Sunshine Coast on Sunday, June 8! What? Sunshine Coast World...