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10 Things the O2 Max Fitness Spring Break Tune-Up Did Right!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC (AU) chapter.

Want to get fit fast? Try O2 Max Fitness’ “The Accelerator” Spring Break Tune-Up! We decided to give it a go ourselves and we picked the best part to every work out to share with you! Here’s our review…

Day 1

The first set of workouts needed a bit of core work and leg work! We had to do 100 jumping jacks that went into a squat on the way down, which burned everywhere! After we did lateral lunges and leg raises in the plank position. The first part of this workout is really what got your heart pumping and made you feel exhilarated afterwards! 

Day 2

My body was very sore the next day and it was extra hard to try and do another set if exercises, but I did them and I felt ready for Day 3! I had to reverse lunges on day 2 which I would say was not to bad considering I also had to do the “side plank reach around”…that move was the hardest!

Day 3

By the third day it wasn’t as sore as the second but again,a pit was a little harder to get back into it! Today was all about more and more lunges but at different angles, which I felt I was more used to by the third time I had to them! 

Day 4

When Day 4 came around I felt healthier and stronger then when I first started. The hardest part? Those freaking side plank hip raises!  It wasn’t the first time I’d had to do this manoeuvre but it is very hard to keep your balance while doing them!

Day 5

Day 5 was all about your legs and your core, so naturally when it came to the core exercise which was called: “bicycles” it killed me! Anything to do with my core always seems the toughest to pull off… ( for me anyway)

Day 6

Most of Day 6 was about jumping, reaching high into the air and squating low to the ground. Very exhausting! I think though, by Day 6 I felt stronger again and the moves weren’t so hard to pull off.

Day 7

Day 7 had a good set if different moves for the day, which I loved! I had to a number of high jumps, side plank leg raises and plank, with alternating arm raises. I think I found the arm raising the hardest this time as I felt I was more working with my legs and core so it was good to have a change and work with different parts of my body.

Day 8

I felt by Day 8 the exercises had become more serious. I did a different type of squat, called the “sumo squat” where I had my hands behind my back and to use a prop to do the “mountain climbers”.

Day 9

Day 9 was back to more jumping exercises which was exhausting but helpful for my energy levels. I then had to do a number of hip raises which I enjoyed after all those jumps!

Day 10

The last day I felt I had accomplished something and most of the exercise involved the core. When it was all over I felt so good I wanted to do it all over again!

Thank you O2 Max Fitness!


Jasmin Maastricht is a third year Journalism student at USC, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus chapter at USC, as well as being one of the 2013 USC Student Mentor's, freelancing for online publication WeekendNotes and interning for Australia's number one online fashion store, Fashionfile. Her passion is Journalism but besides that, Jasmin has always had a strong interest in fashion and entertainment, completing six weeks of work experience with Noosa 101.3fm Community Radio Station and has had the amazing opportunity of working with Australia's number one teenage lifestyle magazines, DOLLY in April 2011 and again in April 2013 and Girlfriend in February, 2013. She has also scored herself internships with the Sunshine Coast's local newspaper, the Sunshine Coast Daily and with Caboolture News. She has been working with both papers eight months now. She has previously worked with Darby Radcliff with the Her Campus Ole Miss chapter while on exchange in Mississippi as well as working with the M s Observer magazine and has never looked back. Email Jasmin at jasminmaastricht@hercampus.com for any questions or getting involved at Her Campus USC or contact her via social media. HCXO!