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To welcome its students back on campus after winter break, Clark Atlanta University hosts a back to school week full of fun events and activities every single year. Many students attend these events to enjoy themselves before the semester shifts into gear. The student activities committee gets more and more creative every time and us students love it all. This year’s events centered around the concept of  "CAU World," with events like a silent party, glow in the dark dodgeball, karaoke night, a vision board party, and many more. To kick off the very first night back on campus, Clark Atlanta threw a party in the Crogman Dining Hall called “Late Night in the Cafeteria,” where good food was served with a Dj playing some fun tunes for everyone to dance to. Food and a party all in one? How could you not love this event? 


As student Jade Moore who attended the event described it, it’s essentially “the best of both worlds.” You have all of your friends and classmates to dance with, as well as the ability to make new friends, while eating some of your favorite foods. Clark Atlanta University never fails at showing its students a good time while also reiterating the importance of camaraderie and community. This year, they completely decked out the cafeteria to fit the typical party vibe with strobe lights and a Dj booth as they served popular breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, eggs, and bacon that just about everyone loves to eat. Freshmen and upperclassmen made an appearance and danced to music with one another for hours. Every year, this particular event is literally like a big gathering of a community in one space, enjoying the moment and genuinely having a good time before school gets hectic. 


Upon asking student Jade Moore what her favorite part about “Late Night in the Cafeteria,” was, she could not give me one simple answer because she loved every second of it! “One of my favorite parts about Late Night in the Cafeteria was the breakfast foods because I love breakfast,” Jade said. She loved the immaculate music selection by the Dj and also how so many people came out for it. Jade explained how she was genuinely having a good time and it seemed as though everyone else was as well. “It was so cute. They actually made the cafeteria look like it wasn’t a cafeteria at all with the dimmed lights and strobes. It really made you feel like you were at a club of some sort, so I really liked the creativity of the event. It was like a revamped version of last year.” Most of all, Jade loved the family feel and the overwhelming sense of togetherness as laughs and smiles were shared amongst classmates and friends. The one and only thing Jade wished for as as far as the entire event in general is concerned, was that it lasted longer than it did because she was having that much fun. You can say Clark Atlanta’s student activities committee outdid themselves this year! 


Amidst all of the anxiousness coming into a whole new year and semester, Clark Atlanta always finds a way to make its students feel like they belong with special events like Late Night in the Cafeteria. They give us the space and the time to let our hair down and have fun!

Alexandria Ramos is a Sophomore Mass Media Arts Major, with a concentration in Print Journalism, from the sunny city known as Los Angeles, California. You can often find her racking through her closet for the most intricate outfits, or drinking caramel iced coffee in your local Starbucks (or both simultaneously). She is always seen with a smile on her face, exuding her bubbly personality.
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