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Ceilidh Peers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC (AU) chapter.

We loved Ceilidh so much we thought we’d find out more about her! See what she said in Campus Cutie last week.

Her Campus USC (AU): Why did you join PAK?
Ceilidh: Dancing, acting and generally the creative arts has always been something I’ve enjoyed so it was more or less a given that as soon as I found out about PAK, I was going to join.
HCUSC: What is the official name of your degree?
Ceilidh: Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science (double degree).
HCUSC: What is your biggest passion?
Ceilidh: Chocolate? Is that an appropriate answer? Haha. But, on a serious note, definitely animal welfare!
HCUSC: Do you have any plans for your future after PAK and what are they?
Ceilidh: Well I’m going to be a teacher obviously, but I would like to think that PAK has placed even more experience under my belt and I’d love to teach dance or drama as an extracurricular activity at a school one day.
HCUSC: What are your plans for the future with your degree?
Ceilidh: Get it done! Haha I can’t wait to graduate and start doing what I really want to be doing.
HCUSC: What’s your advice for others joining PAK and for other students in your degree?
Ceilidh: For those considering PAK, just join already! There are literally no drawbacks! You won’t regret it! You’ll be surrounded by really amazing people who will become a second family to you and it’s so much fun! For those doing my degree, I guess just stick at it. It’s a means to and end guys and it’s actually a pretty fun degree. I have found all of it really interesting and useful.
Jasmin Maastricht is a third year Journalism student at USC, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus chapter at USC, as well as being one of the 2013 USC Student Mentor's, freelancing for online publication WeekendNotes and interning for Australia's number one online fashion store, Fashionfile. Her passion is Journalism but besides that, Jasmin has always had a strong interest in fashion and entertainment, completing six weeks of work experience with Noosa 101.3fm Community Radio Station and has had the amazing opportunity of working with Australia's number one teenage lifestyle magazines, DOLLY in April 2011 and again in April 2013 and Girlfriend in February, 2013. She has also scored herself internships with the Sunshine Coast's local newspaper, the Sunshine Coast Daily and with Caboolture News. She has been working with both papers eight months now. She has previously worked with Darby Radcliff with the Her Campus Ole Miss chapter while on exchange in Mississippi as well as working with the M s Observer magazine and has never looked back. Email Jasmin at jasminmaastricht@hercampus.com for any questions or getting involved at Her Campus USC or contact her via social media. HCXO!