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When You’re Feeling Uninspired

It’s the middle of the semester and it can kinda feel like a big hump that you might struggle to get over. It is completely normal to go...

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Open Letter to My Old Best Friends

To my old best friends, God, I miss y’all. It has probably been years since I’ve talk to most of you, but please don’t think that you don’t...

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90s Slang We Should Be Using in 2017

1. "As if!" A classic public displayed of rejecting someone absolutely beautifully. Cher's emotions and hand movement's make this phrase...

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Do I Know You?: Leah Birdsong

Do I Know You? Want to meet new people? Here is Leah Birdsong. Leah is a 21 year old Senior here at Georgia Southern University with a...

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Meet Jin Ah Park!

Hey GSU! Meet Jin Ah Park! She’s a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in Communications here at Georgia Southern. Jin is originally from South...

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Poppin’ Writers: Bianca Yarde!

Bianca Yarde is a senior Spanish and Psychology major graduating this May from Georgia Southern University. Through her time as a writer...