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Sorority Spotlight: Tayla Giuffrida

We sat down with Tayla Giuffrida, incoming President of Delta Zeta at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what DZ means to...

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Campus Celeb: Rachel Luce

We sat down with local entrepreneur Rachel Luce to talk crafting, involvement, and life.

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What Delta Zeta Means to Me

Another school year is slowly coming to an end, leaving half of us stuck in denial and the other half stuck in the past, reminiscing on all...

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Delta Zeta Big Man on Campus

This weekend Delta Zeta is having their annual spring philanthropy event, Big Man on Campus . The event kicks off on April 8th from 5-7 PM...

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Susie Zalewski ’18

It’s not everyday you get to write about one of your best friends who doubles as the most perfect person you’ve ever met. This girl is...