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Sorority Spotlight: Tayla Giuffrida

HerCampus: When did you join your sorority?

Tayla Giuffrida: I joined in the Spring of 2016


HC: What made you want to become president of your sorority?

TG: This has something I had always had in the back of my mind since I joined in 2016, but I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing the job. After serving on the executive board in the fall of 2016, I was able to get a better understanding of Delta Zeta and its executive logistics. During my time on the e-board I had studied how our president at the time handled everything with such elegance and poise. I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps and continue what she had started. Along with that, this past summer I was an orientation leader for the class of 2021 and the entire experience of working with new students and parents really encouraged me to want to lead more and have a bigger voice in an organization that is bigger than myself.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about your sorority?

TG: I think my favorite thing about Delta Zeta is the relationships and support systems you make with members in the chapter and the alumnae. Whether you need a pen for your next class, an extra person to attend a fundraising event, or just a swipe into Salmo, these women are always willing to help each other in whatever way they can. Studying abroad this semester has really proven this to me. Even though I am in a different time zone, and 3,000 miles away, I still talk to sisters of Delta Zeta that are both alumnae and active members every day or every other day, just to catch up, making me feel like I am not missing a beat!

It’s incredible to see how even after your four years in Delta Zeta, these relationships don’t end. For example, during alumni weekend, you will meet women who were in our chapter 20+ years ago (sometimes they are even old enough to be our mothers) but their love and pride for Delta Zeta is always present. They welcome you with their “when I was in DZ” stories, and you have an instant connection and bond in a matter of minutes.

It’s a good feeling knowing that Delta Zeta isn’t just for four years, it’s for life.


HC: What is something you want others to know about Greek life?

TG: One thing that drives me nuts is the idea that you can’t associate with other Greek members not in your chapter. This is so far-fetched it’s crazy! I live in a suite where 5/6 members are in Greek life and I am the only member in Delta Zeta. However, those four other women (plus the non-Greek) are some of my best friends. I know I am not the only person with this housing setup. The phrase, “it doesn’t matter the letter, we are all Greek together” is something I believe in very much. Without the support and relationships of other chapters on campus, none of us would be half as successful as we are today.

Another idea about Greek life I want others to know is, the overall negative connotation the Greek members have is completely false. We are more than just students who “have parties.” Something most people don’t know is that in the entire Greek community the average GPA is 3.0 and that over 90% of student’s involved Greek life are involved in other clubs, organizations, and leadership roles on campus.


HC: Why do you think girls should go Greek at Bryant?

TG: As I said before, it is about joining something that is bigger than yourself. Going Greek gives you opportunities and connections you may have never had before. It gives you relationships with people you may have never met. Going Greek gives you a home when you are away from home. It is a support system, a midnight McDonalds run, it is a group of you screaming the lyrics to a classic song, it is a friendship, and it is a sisterhood.

I encourage you to find your home and Go Greek!


Senior at Bryant University
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