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Elizabeth Collier Bid Day
Elizabeth Collier Bid Day
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Elizabeth Collier: Social Chair Extraordinaire

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Everyone wants to get involved at their college campus, and one of the most popular ways is joining Greek life. Many have heard about all the wonders of joining a sorority in college. From having a new family of sisters to rely on, meeting new people to networking and getting involved in the chapter. But what does it truly mean to be involved in a sorority? I was able to chat with sophomore Elizabeth Collier about her experiences with being involved in her sorority and what being a part of Greek life has done for her so far.

Her Campus (HC): Please introduce yourself. What’s your name? Where do you go to school and what sorority are you a part of?

Elizabeth Collier (EC): Hi! My name is Elizabeth Collier. I go to the University of Central Florida and I am in Delta Zeta.

HC: What is the position that you hold in your sorority and what are your responsibilities? How long have you had this position?

EC: Currently, I am Social Chair. As Social Chair it is my job to plan events with other chapters in Greek Life. I have had this position since the spring, but due to Covid, I didn’t start any events until this fall.

HC: What has been something you’ve done with your position so far that you have been proud of?

EC: I am most proud that I’ve planned a Halloween Horror Nights Grab-A-Date. This means our sisters can take anyone they want along to this event. Our sisters are really looking forward to this event since last year’s Halloween Horror Nights event was canceled.

HC: What has been your favorite part about your position so far?

EC: My favorite part of this position so far has been getting to know people in different chapters and getting closer to the other Social Chair.

HC: What has being in this position done for you?

EC: Being in this position has really encouraged me to go out there and meet people in Greek life and help build the community here at the University of Central Florida.

HC: What’s the most rewarding part of being a part of the sorority or having this position?

EC: ​​The most rewarding part of being in a sorority would be the connections I have made. I have met so many amazing girls who I am lucky to call my sisters and they are always there for me. Especially in college, I feel like it is another family I can lean on and that’s super important to me.

HC: Any last remarks or words of advice for someone who wants to get more involved in their sorority?

EC: If you are thinking about joining a sorority do it! It is such a great way to get out of your shell and meet genuine people. If you’re looking to do a position, just put yourself out there. I got my position as a freshman, and I was so nervous, but my sisters were so encouraging and they wanted me to succeed.

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Olivia is an English: Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. If there isn't a hockey game on, she can be found listening to music or watching Netflix with her friends.