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All the Essentials for a Beach Trip

With Spring Break coming up and Spring Formals soon afterwards, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for beach season. Lucky for us,...

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The Orchid Boutique

Take our word for it. You won't want to miss the deal shown above! The Orchid Boutique is your ultimate Spring Break stop for must-have...

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Your Must-Have Spring Break Items

Spring break is rapidly approaching, and while we can’t wait to hit the sandy beaches it’s also important that we check off all the must-...

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Top 10 Spring Break Bikinis!

Get excited collegiettes because Spring Break 2015 is almost here! What better way to escape the every day struggle of going to class and...

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Spring Break 2015 Packing List!

HC Rochester has put together the ultimate packing list for Spring Break 2015 with the help of The Orchid Boutique, a designer swimwear...

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Top Swimsuits for Spring Break 2015

Spring Break is less than two weeks away, which means flip-flips, the beach and swimsuits have to be on your mind. Our team wanted to...