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Spring Break Must Haves Feat. The Orchid Boutique!

Heads Up Ladies! Spring Break is right around the corner.

Yes!  A whole week off from waking up early, studying for tests, and trying to sneak food into the computer rooms at the library — we are all guilty. fsn

We’ve got two weeks till the big break and that usually means midterms are coming up, therefore we have to start planning out our break STAT! We must know; where we are going, who is going, and what we are doing to maximize the fun that we are totes gonna have! And most importantly… which swimsuit we are going to wear!? Because, let’s be honest, last years bikini is not going to cut it to 2015. Well ladies here at Her Campus SF, we got you covered!

The Orchid Boutique has so many swimwear styles that we had to share our favorites for this upcoming break!


The Flirty Straps
These swimsuits are so chic and fun that it was love at first glance.
The Classic Strapless
If you are like me then you know how annoying tan lines can be and trying to find a cute strapless bikini is next to imposible but these bikinis are to die for.
One Piece Wonder
Or if you are into the one piece these swimsuits are definetly the go to for the season.
What ever your style may be, this boutique has plenty to choose from because they know that a cute bikini is definitely a Must-Have item for this spring break. For more adorable styles follow them on..
Twitter: @orchidboutique
Instagram: @orchidbtq
Because we don’t want you to miss on looking absolutely beautiful this spring break, The Orchid Boutique is giving us a 15% dicount. Yes ladies, break just got hotter!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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San Francisco

Hey Ladies! My Name is Jessica Romero (: I love the beach, the outdoors, sunsets and clothes! ♥ My intended major is ADM and minor in Journalism. Follow your dreams and empower others to pursue theirs!
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