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The Modern Prince Charming

I’ve never been a hopeless romantic. I love Disney movies as much as the next girl, but a prince riding in on a white horse to save a girl...

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Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist

Growing up, I watched most of the Disney princess movies. Don’t lie, you probably did too. Disney movies were a big part of my life because...

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Valentine’s Love

Valentine’s Day brings on a lot of emotions to people; from anxiety to loneliness. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, though it’s...

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First Keiser LAC Male Cutie

This week’s Keiser Cutie is none other than the charming musician David Umanzor. Besides being involved in the Student Government...

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Campus Cutie Christian Nabi ’15

Meet the charming and courageous Christian Nabi! When he isn't studying, Christian Nabi can be found as an All-American, well-rounded guy...