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John Logan: Mr. Bryant

Name: John Logan Hometown: Hanover, MA Major/Minor: Major(s): Entrepreneurship & Marketing Minor: Communications Year: Class of 2016 -...

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Toni Gravel – Cheer and Dance Coach

HC: What made you want to coach collegiate dance and cheer? What is your favorite part about coaching? TG: One of the reasons I love...

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Abigail Adjei

Name: Abigail Adjei Major: Management Graduation Year: 2013 Hometown: Accra, Ghana HC: Congratulations on graduating, Abi! What are you...

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Coach Tim O’Shea

Winning 2 games in the 2011-2012 season, the Bryant University Men’s Basketball Team has been kept in the shadows. However, something...

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PaviElle Santos

Name: PaviElle Santos Hometown: South Windsor, CT Major/Minor: Marketing/Psychology Graduation Year: 2014 HC: Tell us about your fashion...