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John Logan: Mr. Bryant

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Name: John Logan

Hometown: Hanover, MA


Major(s): Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Minor: Communications

Year: Class of 2016 – Junior

Involvements: Student Ambassador, Business Editor for The Archway, Social Media Member and Class of 2016 Blogger for Office of Admissions, Student Senator, Assistant Video Editor for Bryant Athletics

HC: What made you compete in the Mr. Bryant competition again this year?

JL: In order to be part of Mr. Bryant, the student body has to nominate you so when I received the email stating I was nominated I laughed and said “Sure, why not?”. Also, I heard that the money raised was going to the Alzheimers Association and this is an organization I really admire for all the work they do. I think putting on an event like Mr. Bryant is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for a disease many people have to face, or knows someone who faced it.


HC: What was your talent?

JL: I had a big beach ball with different phrases on it that corresponded to numbers at Bryant University. Some examples included: “How many times did you go to Salmanson Dining Hall this week?”, “How much did you spend on pizza the last time you went to Ronzios?”, “What hall number do you live in?” etc. All of the questions/numbers would relate to a personal experience at Bryant. To make it random, I threw the “Bryant Beach Ball” into the audience and whoever caught it would answer the question that was closest to their right hand (then they would throw the ball to another person, etc).

After we gathered around 6 or 7 different numbers from the audience, I had the audience members multiply all these numbers together on their phone, where the final number ended up being the date that night (12,052,014, or in other words, 12/05/2014).

I wanted to prove that everything in life happens for a reason. Even though these small individual experiences they faced at Bryant may not have seemed important to them at the time, if they never experienced these moments, the total number would have been different and the routine would have never worked.

HC: How long have you been performing magic?

JL: I was 12 years old when I started getting serious into about performing, so almost ten years now. You are more than welcome to head over to www.johndukelogan.com if you want to procrastinate studying for finals :)


HC: What part of the competition was your favorite?

JL: Meeting all of the contestants and making new friends. It was an amazing group to work with this year and dance rehearsals were hilarious because, let’s face it, 13 twenty-something year old guys can’t dance if their life depended on it – we claim we are good, but I think the audience was laughing AT us (not WITH us), when we performed our opening dance…


HC: Were you surprised that you won?

I wasn’t expecting to win at all.  This year we had a lot of talented and creative people so everything was up in the air.