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Toni Gravel – Cheer and Dance Coach

HC: What made you want to coach collegiate dance and cheer? What is your favorite part about coaching?

TG: One of the reasons I love coaching at the college level is the age level.  It is nice to work with young adults who have responsibility and are doing the sport because they want to.  I also love coaching at this skill level.  It is challenging, but well worth it in the end.  My favorite part of coaching is not only my passion for both sports but the relationships and family I am able to build with the program.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant University?

TG: My favorite thing about Bryant is all of the opportunities they offer to students from studying abroad to playing an intramural sport, it seems like there is something for everyone.  I also have to say I LOVE the campus.  It is very well maintained and just the right size for that community feeling.

HC: We know you were just recently married, what is the best relationship advice you received? What advice would you give to college girls?

TG: The best relationship advice I have received is always to communicate with your significant other.  Advice I have for the college ladies is to NEVER settle.  Everyone deserves someone that will treat them right and who will bring out the best in that person.

HC: What is something no one at Bryant knows about you? Any hidden talents? Fun Facts?

TG: I tap danced for 17 years…I am special education teacher for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in Pawtucket, RI…I love to shop and travel…I have two dogs named Jacoby and Lola!

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