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Her Campus at Adelphi #SassySofia

Name: Sofia Fazal Year: Senior Major/minor: Communications Media Studies minor Career goals: Public Relations Manager Netflix Binge:...

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Her Campus at Adelphi #Nonsensical

New member alert! Meet our newest HC writer, Virginia! Name: Virginia Maloney Year: Junior Major/minor: Communications: Digital Production...

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Her Campus at Adelphi #FutureGirlBoss

Name : Julia Rietbroek Year : Junior Major/minor : I’m a business management major with a minor in anthropology Career goals : I would love...

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Taylor Miklus ’17

We've all wondered what Disney Princesses are like in the real world, and now we finally know! They're basically still just as awesome. Our...

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Finals Survival Guide 101

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the end of the semester has finally caught up to us. Unfortunately Thanksgiving break and all its...