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New member alert! Meet our newest HC writer, Virginia!

Name: Virginia Maloney

Year: Junior 

Major/minor: Communications: Digital Production and Cinema Studies/Marketing (I’m pretty much learning how to become a bigger movie nerd than the one I already am)

Career goals: Honestly? I’m not sure. Some days I hope I’ll go on to work on a film set, other days I want to be a park ranger. Maybe I’ll be a nature documentary filmmaker? Stay tuned and find out. 

Netflix Binge: Am I basic if I say The Office? 

Favorite pick me up movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty HANDS DOWN. It is so inspiring, funny, and beautiful. I highly recommend it!

Favorite Song atm: Dreams by The Cranberries holds a special place in my heart. 

Favorite book: My favorite book has to be Fahrenheit 451- who doesn’t like a good dystopian novel!?

Hobbies/Passions: I love pretty much any and all creative outlets, hiking, and everything cat related! 

Defining life experience: In my junior year of high school I shaved my head, predominantly to raise money for childhood cancer research and partly as a Britney moment. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made- it was for a great cause and it made me realize that change should be faced, not feared. 

What are you most proud of yourself for: A few years ago I gave myself a mantra of sorts- “No more ‘what ifs’”. It’s really helped me to live my life to the fullest, and has led me to opportunities I never thought I would experience. I’m proud for incorporating it into my decision-making process, and even more proud that I manage to stick to it each day <3

Dream Vacation spot: Right now it’s probably Scotland and it’s probably Scotland because I’ve been watching Outlander recently. 

Favorite Adelphi spot: It’s gotta be that set of desks beneath the main staircase in the library. There’s a huge window looking out over a koi pond in front of you and an indoor fountain behind you when you sit there- it’s basically campus heaven. 

Interesting fact/Adelphi story: I spend my summers living in California, working in an 1800s gold mining town turned state historic park! Catch me climbing mountains, giving park tours, and pretending to be a cowgirl from May to August…yeehaw. 

Valencia Saint-Louis is a Senior at Adelphi University, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. She is passionate about living well, supporting and motivating others, being an active leader, and educating others through entertainment. Building effective teams, promoting helpful resources and services, and creating meaningful content are essential pillars of Valencia's professional vision. 
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