Wet Seal Is Back & Size-Inclusive, So I Guess I'm Obsessed Now?

We’re all about a successful comeback story, especially when it involves nostalgic style brands. While Wet Seal unexpectedly closed its physical retail locations and its online store and liquefied its company stock in 2017, it has come back from the dead and has introduced some inclusive styles to reboot the brand. In true Wet Seal fashion, the clothing retailer made a mostly-quiet return as an exclusively online retailer, and the company introduced more size-inclusive clothing necessities, according to Cosmopolitan. But, there's a lot more to Wet Seal's body-positivity campaign than just a few pieces. 

Glamour notes that Wet Seal rebooted its fashion brand on July 19 and simultaneously introduced the size-inclusive line Wet Seal Plus & Curve. In addition to the line itself, Wet Seal also kickstarted a campaign to bolster body positivity for the brand's customers (and beyond).

In addition to housing sizes from XL to 3XL, Cosmopolitan reports that Wet Seal also introduced #WetSealGetsReal as part of its rebranding. The hashtag aims to inspire body positivity, self-love and empowerment on Instagram.  

If Wet Seal's body positivity campaign isn't enough for you to shop the mid-2000s fashion giant again, then these soon-to-be-fashion-staples might be enough to change your mind (or at least your wardrobe). Between the floral prints and flare jumpsuits, this gives us an excuse to liven up our closet.

After all, we can’t resist a classic denim jacket—because they’re perf for dressing up, dressing down and hiding the stains from our mid-morning snacking.

Or try this incredible comfy floral jumpsuit. Whoever says fashion is pain clearly never wore a breezy one-piece.

But this shimmery, metallic-finish printed bodycon dress would be perfect for date night with ourselves and a bottle of wine.

Granted, we aren’t the only ones who are hyped about Wet Seal’s relaunch, seeing as everyone stans a good comeback story. Twitterverse is no exception.

One user writes, “if wet seal can keep going & doing their thing then so can i 100 # inspirational.” There’s nothing wrong with looking to a whole brand for our fashion inspo. IMO, Wet Seal did resurrect its company after it went bankrupt, which shows that you can get through your ish too (whatever that might be).

Twitter users are feeling a bit nostalgic about Wet Seal’s return. And same, tbh. But, the return is a bit bittersweet for us—we've lived through the dawn of Wet Seal’s physical retail empire, the fall of their stylish dynasty and now the rebirth of their new brands. Does this mean we’re old? Or were we just fashion-forward toddlers?

Some users are showing their subtle appreciating by literally @ing the brand. Sometimes noticing a brand’s move toward inclusivity is the best form of flattery.

Although everyone’s still a bit shook about Wet Seal’s return as an online-only establishment, it seems like most people are happy to see the fashion brand come back from its hiatus. After all, we can't resist a fashion brand that makes us feel great and amplifies our self-love with clothes.