7 Clothing & Beauty Necessities to Pack on a Long Weekend Getaway

When you can't snatch a monthlong vacation because of your internship or summer classes, a weekend getaway is a great breather from stress. But no matter how brief your retreat is, there's always some summer style must-haves you've got to take along with you. Here are seven summer style essentials you've got to pack to ensure you look and feel gorgeous on your mini-vacay.

1. Dry hair shampoo


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Dry hair shampoo is a must-have if you want to maintain beautiful locks while you're on the go. We all love how our hair looks unwashed, but for a weekend-long vacation, keep clean and stylish for all the Instagram pics you'll want to take. Be sure to carry a small travel-size bottle of dry hair shampoo in your purse and spray your hair at least once a day to get a flawless finish.

2. A cute scarf 

We know what you're thinking: why wear a warm scarf in the middle of July? Well, a small neck scarf can be used as a cute accessory for any outfit, and not just as a coverup for chilly days. Scarves can level up your outfits in tons of ways: tie your scarf around your waist as a chic new belt, or up into your hair as an adorable headband or scrunchie. You can even tie it to your bag to add a pop of color. If you switch up the use for the scarf, no one can even tell that you're reusing one accessory. When you want to pack light for a weekend trip, a multipurpose accessory is a real lifesaver.

3. A sleek pair of glasses


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Is it really summer vacation if you aren't rocking a sweet pair of sunnies? A nice pair of glasses can really transform your whole ensemble, so make sure you pack a pair that you love and will want to wear the whole trip. Sunglasses with a funky lens design can definitely spice up your simpler outfits, or if you're into the subdued, classier look, a transparent pair of round frames can make your look more delicate and whimsical. Of course, sunglasses are protection from the sun's harmful rays, so be sure to take a pair that will shield your eyes properly (safety first, style second). 

4. White sneakers 


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Nothing says summer vibes like a pair of popping white kicks. White sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes to wear on a weekend retreat because of their comfort and versatility. Wherever you go, sneakers will give you the support you need to travel with ease. And fashion-wise, white sneakers match with so many outfits that you can wear them anywhere and not have to worry about them clashing with your ensemble. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

5. A red lipstick 

Taking your entire makeup collection with you for one weekend might not seem like the most sensible packing choice, so bring the most flexible cosmetics you have that will match whatever look you sport. A classic red lip will complete and even embolden your outfit, no matter how intricate or simple it is. It's also the best lip to wear when you want to transition from day activities to nights out. So be sure to pack your favorite shade of red lipstick for a trusty makeup look you can put together in minutes. 

6. Your best crop top 

Crop tops are the hottest clothing item of the year, so don't forget to bring your cutest ones along for your trip. Crop tops come in a variety of styles nowadays and they can pair with almost any bottom. A simple t-shirt style crop top with your best pair of blue jeans can make a comfy yet stylish outfit for your trip. Or pack some frillier crop tops to pair to with a midi skirt or some denim shorts. Not only will your best crop top keep you looking cute, it'll definitely keep you cool in the summer heat.

7. A pretty sundress 

If your weekend trip calls for a fancier occasion, make sure you pack an elegant dress with you in case. An airy sundress and some flat sandals (thankfully easy to fit in your suitcase) are all you need for a nice night out or Sunday brunch before you head back home. Pick a dress that's comfortable but chic. Also, go for options that are easy to dress up or dress down.

A weekend getaway can be just as relaxing and rewarding as a monthlong vacay when you're well prepared. If you want to look your very best as you travel along, you don't need to overpack to put together the best summer looks; bring along these summer style essentials to get the most out of your closet, so you'll worry less about heavy luggage and more about the fun you'll have on your weekend vacay!