5 Style Essentials Every Girl Should Have for an Internship in the City

Summer is coming and for some, this means beach vacays and chilling by the pool. But for others, it means it’s time to move to the big city and start working towards that dream career. You've already applied, interviewed, got accepted, and now you're ready to get started. Navigating through your internship in a place you’re not familiar with can be tough, but we got you covered.

It may seem nearly impossible to check every internship essential off your list every day while you're deciding what you’re actually going to wear. Here are some of the top style essentials you need to survive the city during your internship.  

Comfy shoes

You’re definitely going to be walking around a lot, but this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style for comfort. You can show off your adorable business casual heels or flats in the office, but a pair of comfy sneakers to wear on your commute to and from the office or while exploring the city on your lunch break can literally save your life. 

Chic hair accessories

On those days of running around, sometimes your hair just won’t have it. Instead of using a basic boring hair tie to tame your hair, you can spice it up by using scrunchies or try a few trendy DIY hair barrettes

A big tote

Okay, you’re going to be carrying a lot and you need to have the right bag for the job. Whether it be a sleek mini backpack, a minimalistic and fun canvas bag, or a big colorful tote, show off your personal style while staying efficient. 

A basic blazer

Weather in summer can sometimes be predictable. Depending on your commute if you walk, take a car, or take public transportation, you need to be prepared for anything. Offices tend to keep the AC on as well, so carrying a basic blazer with you still keeps the business casual look, while also keeping your warm and comfortable. 

An umbrella

Speaking of weather, you never know when you’re going to get hit with unexpected rain. To avoid running with your blazer covering your head, bring a cute umbrella on you just in case.  

Now that you have your essential style tips, how will you wear them? Show us your summer internship go-to outfits by tagging @HerCampusStyle on Instagram for a chance to get featured!